Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Owl Love and Pinterest Craftiness in Action

I love the owl craze that seems to have happened. You can find cute owls popping out in the kitchen isle, the bedding isle - basically for any room of your house. Etsy is brimming with little owl bags, jewelry, and shirts. So when we were thinking of decorating ideas for Addy's new room, I immediately wanted to incorporate owls somehow.

I found this sweet little guy on Etsy from Fancy Prints for the Home. I ended up getting the full set of three, so the owl thing didn't take the whole center stage of the room, but isn't he super cute?

And then I saw this idea on Pinterest to make a little owl out of felt, which seemed cheap and something fun to put on her shelf. And can you believe it, I actually made it the other day! I know, I could hardly believe it myself. Isn't Pinterest just for spending hours finding great ideas, and then feeling bad that you never actually make anything you find?

So check out the link for the whole tutorial, but here are a few of my own tips to add if you decide to try it:

- I think the person that wrote the instructions got a little confused with their owl one and owl two directions, but basically one of the owls has a larger mask than the other one, so you have to do more feathers for owl two (the one with a smaller eye mask).

- The instructions say to push the foam ball flat on one side. I am probably just a big wimp, but I used a bread knife and cut a little sliver off the bottom of mine instead. It made for a nice base so it didn't tip over.

- I also made my eyes/mask first and sat it on the ball to see how much I wanted to do for the chest feathers vs. the back feathers, and how far up I needed to layer them.

- I'm assuming that there is a standard size for felt squares, but I almost needed another square for the back feathers. I think for owl two, should I decide to make it, I will get two squares for that particular color, since there will probably be more feathers without that larger eye mask.

And here was my end result. Super cute right? I asked my amateur photographer husband to take some pictures for me - I loved them and couldn't decide which one to use, so you get them both. Maybe it will motivate you more to go make your own little owl.


  1. I will expect to be receiving one of these for a holiday or birthday or "just because" gift.

  2. Hm I will have to see what I can do. Cute right?