Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

I love garage sales.  I should really spend more time planning ahead for things I know I'm going to need and go to more of them.  Check out the stash I got recently:
  • 6 18-month sleepers, most of them Carters
  • 2 18-month Carters outfits
  • An Osh Kosh snow suit with a coat and the suspender/pants piece to go underneath
  • A Sony monitor like the one we already have for the new baby's room
  • A baggie of spoons to try with little miss (no, she still hasn't eaten a bite out of them yet, she just wants to play)
This was actually a neighborhood garage sale that my mom saw a sign for, but we got all of this from two houses.  And I paid...ready?  A grand total of $18.  Seriously?!?  I am so excited.

The loot...everything is in great shape.

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